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Honour Roll, St John Church

WW1 Honour Roll, St Johns Church, Ross, Tasmania

1914        1919
Erected in Loving Memory of our
sons who gave their lives for the freedom
of the Empire in the Great European War

RH Bennett Died Sept 22th 1818 Aged 20 LJ Higgins Died Nov 14th 1916 Aged 31
CG Davidson Died March 29th 1916 Aged 21 WW Martin Died Sept 30th 1918 Aged 28
GF Eley Died Nov 22nd 1916 Aged 24 CL Pulford Died Sept 9th 1918 Aged 28
LJ Harding Died Sept 3rd 1916 Aged 22 AL Smith Died Oct 4th 1917 Aged 24
AC Bunbury Died Apl 30th 1919 Aged 25    

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