Tasmanian Memorials - Campbell Town
War Memorial

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Campbell Town War Memorial

For God King and Country
The Great War
1914 - 1919
In Memory of Our Fallen
Lest We Forget

Pte Albt Phillips
Pte AG Whitney
Pte LJ Reading
Tpr J Cook Jr
Pte LJ Wilson
15th Bn Gallipoli
15th Bn Egypt
15th Bn Gallipoli
3rd LH Gallipoli
15th Bn Gallipoli
Sgt GD Challis
Pte WR Turnbull
Pte FF Plunkett
Pte FW Turner
58th Bn France
60th Bn France
26th Bn France
12th Bn France


Pte LM Rapley
Pte JS Oakley
Pte NFS ane
Pte CW White
Cpl WJ Clarke
Pte MJ Coombe
Pte L Cook
Pte WH Thollar
L/Cpl JA Connor
Pte EW Marshall
40th Bn France
12th Bn France
50th Bn France
52nd Bn France
40th Bn France
40th Bn France
25th Bn France
12th Bn France
1st MG Bn France
52th Bn France
Major JA Foster
Pte RV Davis
Dvr CR Newton
Sgt BC Clarke
Signr EI Richardson
L/Sgt/Mr HF Leedham
Pte JR Barker
12th Bn France
12th Bn France
3rd FAB France
40th Bn France
40th Bn France
RAN Italy
40th Bn France

1939 - 194
Gnr G Ashman 2/3 MG Br
Dvr TA Aiken 2/3 MAC
Pte SK Evans 2/40 Aust Inf Bn
Pte HW Franklin 2/12 Aust Inf Bn
Gnr J Hall 2/8 Aust Field Regt
Pte D Powell 2/12 Aust Inf Bn
Lieut BW Richards 24 Aust Inf Bn
Sgt NE Thurkill 2/40 Aust Inf Bn
F/Sgt DT Nicholson RAAF
VX2300 Pte RL Cooke 2nd 21st Batt

Photographed Nov 2005

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