Avenue of Honour - Cornwall, Tasmania

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Cornwall Avenue of Honour

1914 – 1918
In 1917 the residents of Cornwall planted a pine tree in honour
of each of their sons who went off to fight in World War One.
In 1989 the trees were deemed unsafe and destroyed.

In 2007 the Cornwall Community with the aid of a grant from the
Department of Veteran Affairs replanted this avenue and had the
names of the brave soldiers cast in bronze so that the memory of
them and the significant part they played in our heritage will continue
to live on.

A special thought should be given to the first trees, all of which
represent a miner who did not return.



Lone Pine

This is a lone pine propagated from the original seeds collected
from the site of the Battle of Lone Pine which was fought at
Gallipoli from the 6th to the 10th August 1915 by ANZAC forces.

It was provided by the St Mary’s Branch of the RSL and planted on
Remembrance Day 2006 by Cornwall resident and returned soldier,
Gunner Noel Bradbury, as a living memory of all the citizens of
Cornwall who served their country in times of war

Photographed Jun 2011

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