Service No Rank Name DoD Age Service
W34337 Corporal CABLE TL (Thomas Llewellyn) 7-Aug-1944 50 Army Provost Corps
1230 Private CAHILL Peter 12-May-1937   32nd Battalion
  Midshipman CAIRD Ian 19-Mar-1957 19 RAN
WX16751 Corporal CALE J 23-Nov-1949 36 Corps of Signals
1006 Private CALLICOTT William 2-Apr-1935   5th Broad Gauge Railway Operating Company
WX4640 Sapper CAMERON CK (Clive Kingston) 25-Apr-1964 48 2/22nd Field Park Company RAE
6793 Private CAMERON NA (Norman Alexander) 25-May-1917   23rd Battalion
2609 Corporal CAMERON R 7-Jul-1947   51st Battalion
4588 Private CAMERON Thomas 25-Mar-1923 36 48th Battalion AIF
83 L/Cpl CAMPAIN FW 20-Sep-1971 81 3rd Field Ambulance
2802 Private CAMPBELL AA (Angus Albert) 16-Sep-1956 63 39th Battalion
WX32810 Private CAMPBELL CR (Cedric Reuben) 26-Jan-2000 81 2/27th Inf Battalion
  Lieut CAMPBELL JA 28-Dec-1917   12th Battalion
    CAMPBELL James Alexander 24-Jun-1937 43 51st Battalion
    CAMPBELL James Wilson 24-Feb-1921 41 3rd Tunnelling Co AIF
    CAMPBELL John Edwin 18-Apr-1946 49  
WX35403 Major CAMPBELL WH 15-Nov-1957 61 Army Ordnance Corps
    CAMPBELL William Allan 15-Sep-1918 21 KIA
  Chief Steward CAMPBELL William Robert 18-Feb-1929 51 MV Koolinda
8552 Sergeant CANN Charles William 15-Mar-1928   5th Field Artillery Brigade
    CANN Walter M [Wally] 29-Sep-1930    
  Bombardier CANNON SJ 1-May-1915 28  
    CAPORN Ross     WWI
W21010 Sapper CAREY NG 30-Jul-1964 42 13 Small Ships Company RAE
2813 Private CARLIN CB 15-Nov-1947 51 3rd LH Bde M Gun Squadron
    CARLIN Eric Brooke 3-Sep-1916 30 51st Battalion AIF
    CARMAN Frank Percival 6-Aug-1942   12th Battery
    CARMODY Hugh 1-Jan-1957   16th Battalion AIF 1914-18
WX14349 Private CARR J 28-Apr-1965 70 2/32nd Infantry Battalion
    CARR Sydney 24-Dec-1941 24 RAAF
    CARRINGTON Charles Henry MM 2-Jul-1968   11th Battalion 3rd Brigade AIF
2357 Private CARRINGTON VJ (Victor James) 29-Jul-1943 50 2nd Pioneer Battalion
1804 L/Cpl CARROLL J VC 4-Oct-1971 79 33rd Battalion
45338 Corporal CARSON JB 17-Mar-1951 33 Royal Australian Air Force
831 Corporal CARTER Athol 20-May-1934   5th Broad Gauge Railway Operating Company
    CARTER Ernest 11-Apr-1917 23  
WX15196 Captain CARTER George W 5-Nov-1997   2/2nd Aust Field W/shop
    CARTER Harold Reginald 4-May-1915 20  
  Lieut CARTER Leonard 4-Aug-1984 95 44th Battalion
    CARTER Thomas Broughton 7-Jun-1976 85 Gallipoli veteran
3424 Private CARTER William 21-Aug-1957 79 16th Battalion
    CARTERER Joseph Bertram 30-Jul-1992 93 AIF
    CASEY JJ     WWI
  Captain CASSELL Frank Lumsden 19-Mar-1912 70 Imperial Army 1st Lancers
2147 Private CASTLE William Alfred 22-Sep-1936   44th Battalion
    CATLIN William Charles 29-May-1919 48 16th Battalion AIF
    CAVANAGH Robert Ashton 3-Sep-1916   KIA (51st Battalion)
1551 Driver CAVENDER Charles 18-Oct-1922   12th Field Artillery Brigade
    CAVEY H     WWI
WX41607 Sapper CHALKER KJ 2-Jul-1969 48 Royal Australian Engineers
WX18457 Corporal CHALMERS Maxwell James 4-Dec-2001 78 2/8th Commando Squadron
    CHALMERS William 10-Aug-1917 20 KIA
WP917 L/Sgt CHAMBERLAIN LJA (Leslie John Allan) 2-Nov-1951 55 Royal Australian Artillery
410 Sapper CHAMBERS William Henry 27-Feb-1928   1st Tunnelling Company
2519 Sergeant CHAMPION WA (William Augustus) 22-Jan-1921   44th Battalion
W36453 Corporal CHANDLER C 21-Oct-1967 83 Training Establishments
6242 Private CHANDLER CR (Charles Robert) 13-Jun-1945 65 16th Battalion
8563 Corporal CHAPMAN Alfred Warburton 21-Nov-1936   22nd Field Artillery Brigade
    CHAPMAN Neville 24-Apr-1905   HMAS Sydney
    CHAPMAN Samuel Leonard 13-Oct-1954 66 1st & 2nd World Wars also RAN
    CHAPMAN William 23-Mar-1932 46 RASC Imperial Forces
  Captain CHASE Richard Henry     HM Ordnance
1934 Sapper CHATT Frederick Thomas 17-Jun-1939   2nd ALRO Coy
    CHATTERIS Arthur A 25-Dec-1935 27 51st Battalion AIF
    CHERIGHAN Santo 21-Feb-1918 20  
  Private CHERRY AF (Arthur Frederick) 8-Sep-1932 44 48th Battalion AIF
511683 Private CHIPPENDALE Michael Patrick 21-Dec-1980 23  
    CHIPPER Ross Richard Vivian      
  (Private) CHIVERS Charles 21-Sep-1916 24  
W25907 Private CHRISP LC (Leonard Charles) 21-Jan-1942 20 44th Infantry Battalion
    CHRISTIE Andrew 2-May-1915 34 Gallipoli
V146275 Driver CHRISTOPHERS JS (John Steer) 16-Jun-1947 49 Army Ordnance Corps
WX8528 Lieut CHURM FN (Frank Noel) 16-Oct-1942 36 2/28th Infantry Battalion
    CHUTE GT     WWI
    CLAFFEY Roy Cecil 15-Jul-1949 28 RAAF
    CLAIR Albert Arthur William 26-Sep-1991 81 AIF
  Private CLANCY RB (Robert Bede) 10-Jan-1916   AIF Depot


Nurse CLANCY Veronica      
6494 Driver CLARK Alexander 30-Sep-1924   16th Battalion
2985 Private CLARK Alexander James 29-Mar-1929   5th Pioneer Battalion
WX6425 Private CLARK CC 11-Apr-1955 55 2/2nd HQ Guard Battalion
QX56867 Private CLARK EW 7-Jul-1988 64  
  Corporal CLARK FJ 25-Apr-1918   16th ASC 1st AIF
    CLARK William Alexander 28-Sep-1916 28 Killed in action Ypres
  Major CLARKE Alex E MC 9-Jul-1961    
955 WO CLARKE Charles 16-Oct-1920 36 AN & MEF
    CLARKE Frank E 9-May-1951 61 12th Battalion AIF
    CLARKE Harry     HMAS Sydney
    CLARKE Harry 5-Sep-1959   Royal Engineers & Old Contemptible
1853 Trooper CLARKE Harry (Harvey) 1-Apr-1919   10th Light Horse
    CLARKE WFA 25-Jul-1916 27 KIA
W17062 Corporal CLAYTON R 31-Mar-1954   Army Ordnance Corps
    CLEGG Thomas P 18-Sep-1948 50 3rd Pioneer Battalion 1st AIF
2654 PO Motor Mechanic CLEGG WB 16-Mar-1950 33 Royal Australian Navy
    CLELAND Samuel Davenport 14-Jan-1919   11th Machine Gun Company AIF
  Sergeant CLEMENTS John T 10-May-1938 44 16th Battalion AIF
2360 Private CLIFF Selwyn Franklin 23-May-1931   11th Battalion
  Lieut CLIFTON Charles Mervyn 26-Jul-1945   AIF
  Lieut CLIFTON James Irvine 1-Nov-1941   HMAS Sydney RANR
644 Sergeant CLOUSTON JH (John Henderson) 19-Sep-1930 55 3rd Echelon
    CLUES Hubert Clement 11-Apr-1917    
W32235 Private COCKRAM HT (Henry Thomas) 30-Dec-1956 66 Army Service Corps
WX20272 Private COFFEN SE (Stanley Eric Howard) 30-Mar-1942 34 Infantry
3431 Private COFFEY AF 31-Jan-1925   16th Battalion
2814 CQMS COLE HLG 20-Dec-1966 76 12th Battalion
    COLEMAN Ernest H 1-Jan-1939   11th Battalion AIF
WX3268 Private COLGROVE JL 8-Jul-1975 74  
3137 Private COLK Ernest Hubert 23-Jun-1927   48th Battalion
    COLK R     WWI
6014 Private COLLEY RHW (Reuben Harold W) 25-Aug-1961 79 11th Battalion
WX25675 Private COLLIER G (George Ronald) 7-May-1988 74 13th Infantry Brigade
2676 WO COLLINGWOOD DE 23-Feb-1951 66 2nd Depot Unit of Supply
VF5/1775 Private COLLINGWOOD Jessica A 12-Dec-2000 87 Australian Womens Army Service
    COLLINS Felix Sidney John 18-Apr-1945   AIF
3870 L/Cpl COLLINS Frank Henry 6-Aug-1927   16th Battalion
6665 Private COLLINS Frederick Elwin 14-May-1932   50th Battalion
4785 Private COLLINS LF (Lewis Frank) 26-Jan-1918   48th Battalion
WX2758 Sergeant COLLINS WA (William Aubrey) 12-Oct-1946 42 Royal Australian Engineers
    COLQUHOUN John 7-Nov-1926 46 4th Tunnellers AIF
4703 Driver CONGDON B 2-May-1960 68 28th Battalion
401 Private CONGDON FHA (Frank Harold Ainslie) 16-Jan-1943 61 7th Light Trench Mortar Battery
54709 Corporal CONNOLLY Frank S 9-Nov-1965 34 1st Signal Regiment
4476 L/Cpl CONNOLLY Frederick William 13-Jan-1936   48th Battalion
4194 Ldg Signalman CONNOLLY HM 21-Jun-1966 67 RAN
    CONNOR William 1916   KIA
W17144 Sergeant CONWAY SW (Stanley William) 28-Nov-1962 71 Army Pay Corps
    COOK Bert 16-Jun-1918   16th Battalion France
3201 Private COOK James 8-Nov-1937   1st AG Hospital
    COOKE Allen 7-Aug-1916   KIA Egypt
2457 Private COOKE AV (Arnold Victor) 17-Oct-1956 61 16th Battalion
1807 Corporal COOKE WW 31-Mar-1968 87 44th Battalion
2803 Private COOPER E (Edwin) 10-May-1946   4th Battalion
    COOPER Edwin W 10-Jan-1970 74 1st AIF
    COOPER Norman 1943   RAAF WWII
W20663 Corporal COPLEY JJ (John James) 3-Oct-1942 28 Army Ordnance Corps
503 Private CORBETT RJ (Reginald James) 7-Feb-1943   26th Battalion
247 Private CORDIERR CWV 5-Apr-1918   28th Battalion
    CORMACK Alex G 3-Apr-1946 68 13th Field Coy 1st AIF
    CORMACK Hugh William 21-Jul-1916   O D Company 32nd Battalion
WX821 Corporal CORMACK KH 25-Sep-1964 62 2/11th Infantry Battalion
1914 Private CORNELL Alfred Stephen 15-Feb-1937   28th Battalion
    COSSOM W     WWI
1243 T/Sgt COSTELLO William 8-Oct-1940   14th Field Artillery Brigade
  Lieut COTTERELL George Edward 3-Oct-1918    
WX37331 L/Cpl COUCHMAN WGC (Wilfred George) 31-Jan-1959 61 Army Service Corps
    COULTER Leslie Trenear 4-Aug-1917    
    COULTER Ronald John 17-Jul-1941    
    COULTER Wilfred Lawson 11-Apr-1917    
    COUSENS Edward Alexander 2-Dec-1986   AIF
WX13452 Sapper COUSINS AJ (Allan Joseph) 25-Nov-1965 57 Royal Australian Engineers
WX8832 Private COUSINS LWR (Leslie William R) 6-Nov-1969 70 2/13th Field Ambulance
3074 Private COUSINS PC 22-Jan-1953 67 28th Battalion
F2925 ER Artificer COUTTS J (John) 11-Dec-1966 65 Royal Australian Naval Reserve
  Private COWAN James 24-Nov-1917 30 48th Battalion
4771 Private COWAN Thomas 6-Aug-1961 68 48th Battalion
  Captain COWLEY Edward 6-Jan-1908    
5677 Private COWLEY G 24-Jul-1958 74 11th Battalion
  Lieut COWLEY Thomas Edward MC 23-Jun-1945   1st AIF
46616 Corporal COWPER WDC 25-Aug-1964 63 Royal Australian Air Force
1912 S Sgt COX GL 18-Jul-1962 76 28th Battalion
1138 Sapper COX J (James) 2-Mar-1938   5th Broad Gauge Railway Operating Company
5568 Private COX Lewis Lionel 10-Jul-1959 66 28th Battalion
7986 Gunner COX WC 2-Nov-1937 54 6th Field Artillery brigade
7151 Sapper CRABTREE Fred 1-Nov-1935   4th Field Company Engineers
    CRAIG Geoffrey Erskine     38th Battalion 1st AIF
5607 Private CRAIG George (Patrick) 15-Sep-1916   2nd Stationary Hospital
6978 Private CRAIG HMS (Henry Mervyn Sinclair) 17-Jul-1971 75 11th Battalion
  Private CRAIG Norman 17-Mar-1916   AIF
WX29608 Corporal CRAIG-MARTIN Alfred (Alf) 23-Sep-1985 76 11th Aust Infantry Battalion
    CRAKE Sam 25-Aug-1918   11th Battalion
WX50112 Private CRANE CCR 15-Oct-1984 61 20th Field Ambulance
    CRANE WJ     WWI
18523 Private CRAWFORD Harry 11-Jun-1922   7th Field Ambulance
    CRAWFORD Noel 17-Oct-1974    
2381 Private CREACHE Robert P 10-Sep-1941   2nd Pioneer Battalion
W29183 Private CRESSWELL A (Alfred) 7-Nov-1947 57 Infantry
    CRIBB RM 28-Jun-1937 58 48th Battalion
WX2903 Private CROCKETT J 15-Jul-1966 64 Army Catering Corps
942 Trooper CROCOS Robert A 12-Apr-1953 56 10th Light Horse 1st AIF
WX30882 Signalman CROCOS Robert Henry 14-Mar-2000    
5328 Private CROFTS Harold R 9-Sep-1959 72 44th Battalion
32 Private CROMPTON WM 17-Nov-1954 62 16th Battalion
  Major CRONLY-DILLON Cormac W 17-Jun-1940    
329 Private CROOKS Frank Cornelius 15-Mar-1928   44th Battalion
VX39819 Driver CROOKS L 21-Mar-1958 48 Army Service Corps
896 Driver CROSS CT (Charles Thomas) 26-Aug-1955 79 1st Company Army Service Corps
W80914 Sapper CROSS DAE 6-Jul-1952 51 22nd Field Company RAE
80578 Corporal CROXFORD AE 17-Feb-1957 58 Royal Australian Air Force
83400 LAC CRUICKSHANK CH 1-Aug-1964 52 Royal Australian Air Force
3078 Corporal CRUICKSHANK R (Robert) 11-Feb-1945 50 28th Battalion
11722 Sapper CUBBAGE EM 16-Sep-1951 68 Royal Engineers
  Private CULVER John Osborne 16-Aug-1918 28 11th Battalion AIF
R37017 POEP CUMMING BD 20-Mar-1967 37 RAN
  Sergeant CUNNINGHAM John 9-Sep-1918   AIF
200 Private CUNNINGHAM Matthew Kerr 3-Jul-1923   6th Field Ambulance
    CUNNOLD Bert 11-Jul-1942 25 KIA Alamein
  Corporal CURLEWIS AG 1915   Gallipoli
  Major CURLEWIS Bill     AIF
  Captain CURLEWIS GL      
  Major CURLEWIS John     AIF
  Corporal CURLEWIS SL 1915   Gallipoli
WX2815 Corporal CURRIE FG (Francis George) 4-Sep-1947 42 Army Medical Corps
2648 Corporal CURRIE WB (William Bernard) MM 27-Jun-1952 58 16th Battalion
7100 L/Cpl CURTIS SG 2-Apr-1924   3rd Tunnelling Company
2587 Private CUTHBERT Rupert Victor 27-Dec-1932   11th Battalion
6977 Private CUTLER Ernest 10-Dec-1958 74 16th Light Railway Operating Company





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