Service No Rank Name DoD Age Service
2591 Private LADHAMS Henry RG 10-Dec-1929   43rd Battalion
68689 Private LAFFEN WM 12-Dec-1918   AIF
    LAKER Arthur 29-Nov-1941 51  
W26279 Sapper LAKER Arthur 29-Nov-1941 51 7th Workshop & Park Coy Royal Australian Engineers
1242 L/Sgt LALLY James Martin 17-Mar-1930   2nd Aus Stationary Hospital
    LAMBARD George T 13-Oct-1939 68 South Africa & Great War
    LAMBERT Charles Edward 14-Oct-1936 56 AIF 44th Battalion
236 Sergeant LANCASHIRE SJ 6-Jun-1961 67 44th Battalion
4238 Private LANE FA (Frederick Arthur) 16-May-1917   11th Battalion
    LANE James 26-Jul-1938   47th Battalion
FV156 AB LANGFORD HC 23-Dec-1968 73 Royal Australian Naval Volunteer Reserve
Pte 28th Battalion 1st AIF
  Corporal LANGTON SB MM 2-Sep-1918 26 Killed in action France
3171   LANIGAN Andrew John 3-Apr-1958 63 28/32nd Battalions
  Lieut LANTZKE HJ (Herbert John) 8-Jan-1920   4th Machine Gun Company
2909A Private LARGE FH (Frederick Henry) 27-Oct-1919   44th Battalion
WX735 Private LARKMAN WA 7-Dec-1996 83 2/11th Infantry Battalion
6622 Private LARWOOD Alfred 25-Nov-1921   16th Battalion
WX6737 L/Sgt LASKY F (Frank) 3-Dec-1951 48 Army Personnel Depot
WX10131 Private LAVERY SJ 7-Mar-1992 80 2/28th Infantry Battalion
    LAW-DAVIS Frederick George     28th Battalion WWI
WX33003 Sergeant LAWLOR WC 12-Jun-1953 52 Army Catering Corps
    LAWRENCE Arthur Stephen 2-Mar-50   1st AIF WWI
5703 Gunner LAWRENCE F 26-Dec-1947 52 12th (Army) Brigade Aust Fld Arty
    LAWRENCE Gilbert Robey 19-Aug-80   1st AIF WWI
205184 Corporal LAWRENCE LSJ 7-Sep-1953 45 Royal Australian Air Force
101 Gunner LAWRENCE RL 31-Jan-1962 65 1st Siege Brigade
    LAWRENCE Victor Herbert 25-Aug-54   1st AIF WWI
1671 Private LAWSON Arthur Alfred 21-Sep-1926   44th Battalion
W5763 S Sgt LAWSON GC MM (George Charles) 26-Sep-1956 59 Royal Australian Engineers
    LAWSON George 14-Oct-1950   1st and 2nd AIF
NX206664 Private LAWTHER JT 24-Sep-1988 61  
2042 Gunner LEACH RH 25-Sep-1962 75 10th Field Artillery Brigade
6106 L/Cpl LEAHY John Joseph 8-Jul-1936   28th Battalion
5363 Sapper LEAVER CH 20-Sep-1957 91 3rd Tunnelling Company
6703 Private LECHMERE RT 19-Sep-1959 78 32nd Battalion
WX12868 Private LEDDIN Valentine K 7-May-1959 51 2/28th Infantry Battalion
2881 S/Smith LEE Herbert Walker 2-Aug-1930   10th Light Horse
    LEE Herbert William 27-Feb-1921 46 28th Battalion AIF
2843 Private LEE Hugh 12-Sep-1934   12th Battalion
4586 Sapper LEE John 23-Nov-1939   8th Field Coy Engineers
WX8938   LEE William (Billy) 7-Aug-1992   2/16th Infantry Battalion
5066 Private LEFIO WR (William Robert) 26-May-1916   26th Battalion
  Lieut LEHMANN Benno Carl MC 21-Sep-1917 37 3rd MG Coy AIF
    LEIGHTON John 1898 78 Chelsea Pensioner Guard Ex sixth Dragoons
WX9665 Private LEIPOLD JH 24-Jul-1968 51 2/16th Infantry Battalion
1066 Sapper LEITCH Alexander 13-Feb-1930   3rd Tunnelling Company
29845 LAC LEMAY HW (Herbert William) 9-May-1985 72 Royal Australian Air Force
5396 Private LENNON Henry Joseph 13-Jul-1926   28th Battalion
46370 LAC LENSON SF (Selwyn Forrest) 28-Apr-1948 52 Royal Australian Air Force
WX13901 Private LEONARD J 30-Oct-1961 54 2/14th Infantry Battalion
686 Private LESLIE A 29-Jul-1955 62 11th Battalion
    LESTER George 20-Mar-1945 33 2nd 11th Battalion 2nd AIF
WX6382 Sergeant LESTER JW (Joseph Walter) 18-Feb-1958 56 2/28th Infantry Battalion
3508 Sergeant LESTER Thomas David 12-Apr-1929   16th Battalion
2628 Private LETCH GA (George Abner) 28-Aug-1960 67 52nd Battalion
2497 Corporal LEVER WW 15-Aug-1968 77 2nd Field Company Engineers
W30577 Private LEVETT AH 31-Jul-1948 60 Intelligence Corps
    LEVY Morris 10-Nov-1965 61 2/11th Battalion
81570   LEWINGTON William Henry 16-Mar-1993   RAAF
WX14228 Private LEWIS AA 23-Jul-1983 69 2/32nd Inf Battalion
320 Private LEWIS AH 19-May-1951 63 11th Battalion
1149 Private LEWIS FM 22-Oct-1950 64 11th Battalion
    LEWIS George Frederick 29/12/1995   RAAF WWII
    LEWIS John Francis 22-Nov-1921 45 Tunnelling Corps AIF
WX11316 Private LEWIS LH 3-Feb-2001 85 2/4th Machine Gun Battalion
F584 PO LEWIS Thomas D 3-Apr-1968 55 RANR
WX3338 Major LEWIS TT 6-Apr-1955 54 2/6th Field Park Coy RAE
    LEWIS Will 14-Aug-1951 55 51st Battalion 1st AIF
3604 Trooper LIDDELOW AW 13-Nov-1957 65 3rd Light Horse Brigade Machine Gun Squadron
W36603 Private LIDDINGTON WG 22-Nov-1948 51 Army Catering Corps
  Sister LIGHTBODY MJ 19-Sep-1922   AANS AIF
833 Private LILLEY Norman 15-Aug-1938   3rd Machine Gun Company
W16567 Sapper LILLEYMAN P (Paul) 16-Jan-1946 61 Royal Australian Engineers
2044 Trooper LILLYWHITE H (Harold) 8-May-1961 71 10th Light Horse Regiment
4839 Private LINEHAN W (William) 13-May-1944   51st Battalion
17544 Corporal LIPPIATT AG 25-Jan-1974 71 Royal Australian Air Force
WX10076 Private LITHGO H 31-Jul-1969 65 2/28th Infantry Battalion
5117 Sapper LITTLE IG 13-Sep-1947 78 2nd Tunnelling Company
2120 L/Cpl LITTLE J 2-Nov-1959 73 44th Battalion
    LITTLE Rupert Nelson 24-Sep-1957 59 AIF
    LITTLE Thomas Edward (Tommy) 10-Apr-1944 21 Lost in action at sea
W13091 WO2 LITTLE W (William) 18-Jul-1947 49 Army Service Corps
  (L/Cpl) LIVESEY Norman 1916   (12th Battalion)
2844 Private LLOYD J 17-Jun-1961 76 44th Battalion
  Trooper LLOYD James 22-Apr-1916 34 10th Light Horse AIF
1616 Trooper LLYOD Patrick 30-Dec-1939   Imperial Camel Corp
1674 Sergeant LOANE George Thomas 3-Apr-1929 53 16th Battalion
  Sergeant LOCKE William Reuben 14-Jul-1911 85 57th Foot Regiment
  Private LOCKHART Charles Leonard 12-Oct-1917 24 Died of wounds France
  Private LOCKHART Ernest Edward 12-Aug-1916 20 Died of wounds France
46982 LAC LODGE GF 6-Jul-1988 80 RAAF
4389 Sapper LOFTES Alexander 12-Dec-1931   3rd Tunnelling Company
  PO LONG Brian Ernest 17-Jun-1942 24 RAAF
  Lieut LONG Charles Percy 13-Apr-1917 23 Royal Air Force
2232 Private LONG John Thomas 1-Feb-1926   38th Battalion
1307 Corporal LONGBOTTOM TT (Thomas Tyson) 22-May-1959 77 48th Battalion
    LONGMORE John Roy 15-Jul-1967 75 10th Light Horse
814 Sergeant LONSDALE JA (James Alexander) 3-Feb-1924   44th Battalion
W242748 Private LORD GR 12-Dec-1954 57 Infantry Battalion
    LOUDON Robert James DCM 21-Sep-1976 89  
16444 Ldg Stwd LOUGHMAN AT (Arthur Thomas) 22-Sep-1966 64 Royal Australian Navy
  Lieut LOUGHTON Herbert Leslie 29-Mar-1940 30 2nd AIF AIC
    LOVE Herbert 3-Sep-1916    
  Lieut LOVEDAY Arthur Collins 12-Sep-1918 23 28th Battalion
W242934 Corporal LOVELESS BW (Bertie Walter) 24-Apr-1944 53 Infantry Battalion
    LOVICK Robert L 29-Jul-1950 54 AIF
4646 Private LOWE R 28-May-1955 67 48th Battalion
WX1385 Sergeant LOWE RC (Richard Clive) 10-May-1971 64 Army Service Corps
2144 Private LOWERY William 31-Aug-1919   44th Battalion
W243576 Corporal LUCK HW 20-Jul-1949 61 Infantry Battalion
  2nd Lieut LUETCHFORD Don MM 3-May-1918    
1080 Sapper LUGG Arthur Raymond 6-Jan-1921   53rd BGRO Company
2630 Private LUKEHURST GR (George Richard) 17-Jul-1975 34 44th Battalion
5/105 WO LUNN-GARNER EC 27-Jul-1995 83 Royal Australian Infantry
    LYFORD Cyril George Alfred 31-Oct-1941 30 RAAF
WX8675 Private LYLE RR 26-Jun-1967 60 2/4th Machine Gun Battalion
3093 Private LYNAM Lawrence David 24-Sep-1936   44th Battalion
7502 Driver LYONS Myles A 4-Aug-1926   14th ASC





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