Service No Rank Name DoD Age Service
  (Sergeant) NABBS Albert Edward 25-Aug-1947 60  
1419 Private NANKIVILLE SP 29-Nov-1949 55 12th Battalion
A427254 F/O NAPIER Peter Lennox 7-Mar-1989 64 Royal Australian Air Force
  Captain NASH John      
    NASH William 6-Sep-1931 63 Killed in action
763 Private NAUGHTON JE 1-Jan-1961 64 16th Battalion
    NAUGHTON Reuben D 25-Jul-1920 26 23rd Battalion AIF
411 Private NAYLOR George Edward 16-Sep-1932   44th Battalion
W243377 Private NEAVE CV (Charles Victor) 13-Apr-1947 58 Labour Service
3218 Private NEEDHAM CAT (Charles Augustus Trevor) 9-Sep-1943 68 51st Battalion
    NEGUS Ernest Richard 2-Apr-1945   RAAF
  Lieut NEIL Harold John 3-Oct-1929   48th Battalion
  Private NEILL CH (Charles Henry) 1-Mar-1916   A Imperial Force
4428 Sapper NELSON Edward Glass 28-Jul-1934   3rd Tunnelling Company
469 L/Cpl NELSON JA 14-Apr-1958 73 11th Battalion
28671 Driver NEWBY John 13-May-1935   12th Field Artillery Brigade
7581 Private NEWBY TW 23-Jul-1949 66 51st Battalion
    NEWMAN Frederick E 30-Aug-1942 20 Milne Bay
    NEWMAN J      
    NEWMAN Jack 8-Jun-1917 28 Messines Ridge
WP88540 Sergeant NEWMAN W 25-Feb-1952 49 Headquarters
2699 Private NEWMAN WS 13-May-1942 58 5th Depot Unit of Supply
104 Private NEWTON GE (George Edward) 26-Feb-1921   44th Battalion
    NICHOL John Ashley 12-Oct-1917   Killed in action France
  Major NICHOLAS Clive L 1-Aug-1919   10th LH& 3rd MGS AIF
2613 Private NICHOLAS Ernest 2-Oct-1958 64 44th Battalion
    NICHOLAS William Elliott 25-Mar-1925   28th Battalion AIF
2422 Private NICHOLLS James 3-Sep-1923   11th Battalion
  Seaman II NICHOLS Robert Donald 12-Mar-1942   US Navy
    NICHOLSON Gordon 14-Aug-1916    
WX2465 Private NICHOLSON KJ 28-Jul-1962 61 HQ Guard Battalion
673 Private NICHOLSON Thomas 10-Dec-1935   28th Battalion
  Corporal NICKOLL John   70 Boer and Great Wars
  Sister NICOLAY Mary 15-Oct-1939 89 Boer War 1899-1901
WX31326 Private NIND A 10-Sep-1963 54 Army Ordnance Corps
7789 Private NIND AP 17-Sep-1949 51 16th Battalion
  Private NISBETT Edward James 25-Nov-1916 20  
  Gunner NOAKE Herbert C 4-Oct-1917 20  
    NOBLE Albert Morris 28-Jun-1969   AIF
    NOBLE Sydney 1943 35 KIA
    NOELL Alfred John 1941   HMAS Sydney
2427 Private NORMAN Rupert Harry 7-Jan-1929   43rd Battalion
    OBORNE John F 7-Jul-1977 59 2/32nd Battalion AIF
1768 Private O'BRIEN D (Served as James SAGER) 26-Jun-1917   2nd Pioneer Battalion
4569 Private O'BRIEN EP 17-Jan-1953 30 11th Battalion
    O'BRIEN Jack 9-Aug-1918 18 48th Battalion AIF
2745 Sergeant O'BRIEN JP MM 2-Jan-1968 80 55th Battalion
W29104 Sergeant O'BRIEN P 16-Mar-1948 56 Army Personnel Depot
WX8825 Private O'BRIEN WF (William Francis) 10-Apr-1947 41 2/11th Infantry Battalion
552804 Trooper O'CALLAGHAN David Hugh 16-Apr-1982 21 SASR
    OCKENDEN M 6-Sep-1921 25 AIF
2385 Private O'CONNOR EF 10-Nov-1961 71 44th Battalion
    O'DONNELL James 2-Jul-1942 50 1st AIF
544 Private O'DONOHUE James 30-Jan-1949 68 44th 28th Battalions 1st AIF
2866 L/Cpl O'DONOHUE Patrick MM 25-Jan-1957 74 44th Battalion
    OGBORNE Colin Wilson 4-Oct-1917 23 A Coy 44th Battalion AIF
W61090 Private
Sjt Major
OGILVIE-O'NEIL AE (Albert Ernest) 10-Oct-1947 62 Army Catering Corps &
Prince of Wales 10th Lancers Regt
6343A Sergeant O'GRADY S De C 4-Nov-1960 69 28th Battalion
WX12452 Private O'HALLORAN DT (David Thomas) 19-Oct-1947 31 Army Service Corps
  Sister O'KANE Rosa 21-Dec-1918   AANS
    O'KEEFE J      
2753 Private O'KEEFE Owen 10-Jul-1920   4th Pioneers
WX32836 Private OLIVER H (Harold) 7-Jun-1968 55 Army Medical Corps
4785 Private OLIVER Richard James 17-Apr-1934   28th Battalion
W237603 Lieut OLIVER TA 18-Apr-1965 68 7th Works Company
    O'LOUGHLIN John 31-May-1926 49 AIF
    OLSEN Arthur 16-Jun-1920 30 51st Battalion AIF
    OLSSON B     2nd 18th Battalion 2nd AIF
3970 Sergeant O'MEARA Martin VC 20-Dec-1935   16th Battalion
406949 F/Lieut O'NEIL GLC 4-Nov-1961 43 Royal Australian Air Force
36547 Corporal O'NEILL AL 30-Oct-1969 37 1st Special Air Service Regiment
  Lieut ORAM Vivian H 30-Jun-1948 36 RANVR


Nurse ORAM Wilma      
VX131222 WO1 ORMSBY WL MSM 20-Sep-1961 53 Papuan Infantry Battalion
WX31227 Private ORR Thomas A 19-Nov-1958 48 16th Infantry Battalion
WX9810 Private OSBORN WH 21-Dec-1985 74 2/32nd Inf Battalion
  Lieut O'SULLIVAN John Leonard 20-Nov-1928   51st Battalion AIF
  L/Cpl O'SULLIVAN William MM 23-Feb-1942 60 16th Battalion
1985 Private OSWALD RC (Robert Chalmers) 25-Jun-1960 63 4th Machine Gun Battalion
2368 Private O'TOOLE HL (Harry) 6-Apr-1965 67 40th Battalion
1880 Driver OVERSTONE W 27-Jun-1967 71 11th Battalion
103 Private OWEN CW (Charles William) 30-Sep-1916   1st LH Field Ambulance
2215 Gunner OWEN EGF 12-Mar-1959 65 10th Field Artillery Brigade
2561 Sergeant OWENS FW 27-Nov-1972 76 11th Battalion
W26737 Private OWENS J 23-Oct-1968 72 Auxiliary Horse Transport Coy
WX4607 Signaller PAGE Adrian Henry 25-Jan-1977 64 2/28th AIF
679 Private PAGE Albert Henry 19-Jan-1935   28th Battalion
5406 Private PAGE CH 23-Jul-1941 41 16th Battalion
    PAGET Meyrick Prince 1-Feb-1942   Singapore
    PAGET Reginald 28-May-1950   5th Hussars Boer War
AIF World War 1
AASG Permanent Military Forces
WX4940 L/Cpl PAGODA AJ (Andrew Joseph) 7-Jun-1962 45 2/24th A/T Coy RAA
WX28195 L/Cpl PALM Herbert James 7-Sep-2000   2/10th Aust Commando Squadron
6289 L/Cpl PALM RS 28-Jul-1956 63 2nd Motor Transport Company
6807 Private PALMER EJA 8-Aug-1970 72 16th Battalion
    PALMER Frederick     Navy WWII
    PALMER Percy F 16-Jun-1951 65 2nd Battalion Highland Light Infantry
    PANKINS A 19-Nov-1965   AIF
990 Sapper PARISH E 11-Mar-1960 69 59th BGROC
3913 Private PARK Albert Edward 28-Jan-1936   51st Battalion
2377 Private PARKER Albert 20-May-1940   43rd Battalion
WX9642 Private PARKER Douglas 8-Nov-1955 41 2/4th Machine Gun Battalion
WX449 Corporal PARKER GR (George Ronald) 17-Jul-1958 44 2/11th Infantry Battalion
1666 Private PARKER JGH (Joseph George Harold) 23-May-1949 54 26th Battalion
  Private PARKER Thos 30-Sep-1917   AIF
WX42360 Sergeant PARKER WE 6-Mar-1961 63 Headquarters
4575 Private PARKES Herbert George 12-Jun-1933   11th Battalion
W243424 Private PARSONS BR (Bertram Ralph) 29-Mar-1942 50 Infantry Battalion
181 Private PARTRIDGE George 12-May-1938   10th Battalion
    PASCALL Albert 3-May-1917 36 KIA
  Corporal PASCALL Albert Edwrd 3-Apr-1935   7/51st Reinforcements
    PASCOE Herbert James 1-Jun-1965 40 RAE
  Private PASSERINI David Lewis 3-May-1917 34 Killed in action Palestine
  Lieut PATERSON Malcolm Eric 8-Aug-1918 30 28th Battalion
    PATERSON William 4-Feb-1917 35 KIA
W56559 Private PATMAN LV 14-Jul-1970 57 Army Catering Corps
2378 Private PATRICK HF 27-Jun-1947 68 43rd Battalion
677 Corporal PATTERSON A 8-Nov-1962 73 2nd Machine Gun Battalion
    PATTERSON Bill 27-May-1918   Killed in action France
    PATTERSON Jim 27-Sep-1919   Killed in action France
2380 Private PATTERSON John MM 28-Aug-1941   43rd Battalion
WX1209 L/Cpl PAULSON FL (Frederick Lawrence) 10-Jun-1968 54 2/2nd Field Coy RAE
7797 Private PAWLSON Leslie Henry 28-Feb-1927   16th Battalion
    PAY WJ 3-Jun-1929   3rd Tunnellers AIF
1396 Private PAYNE James Marshall 10-Feb-1942   11th Battalion
WX27214 Sapper PAYNE RB 25-May-1998 81 RAE
  Sergeant PEAD Seymour 22-Sep-1915 38 28th Battalion Gallipoli
    PEAD William Alfred 26-May-1920   28th Battalion AIF
3608 Private PEAKE Tom Elliott 11-Feb-1942   51st Battalion
NX89972 Corporal PEARCE A 14-Apr-1962 57  
    PEARCE Arthur Albert 1936   32nd Battalion AIF
806 Private PEARCE DV 12-Nov-1950 56 23rd Battalion
  Private PEARCE Henry David 1918 32 3rd Infantry Battalion
    PEARMAN Frederick J 26-Feb-1919 38 AAMC of the AIF
    PEARMINE Boysie 25-Nov-1941   NZEF
1850 Private PEARSE AGS (Arthur Gordon Simpson) 26-Oct-1918   12th Machine Gun Company
W26529 L/Cpl PEARSE AT 12-Oct-1956 63 Labour Service
206 Sapper PEARSON H 15-Feb-1958 65 3rd Field Company Engineers
  Trooper PEARSON OV (Oswald Vincent) 19-Feb-1916 24 3rd Light Horse AIF
130 Private PEARSON RA 11-Jul-1946 54 50th Battalion
WX14832 Private PEDDER EG 30-Aug-1996 84  
5786   PEERS John Felix Verdun 14-May-1973 55 Royal Australian Air Force
7516 Private PENDLETON Joseph F 25-Jul-1941   11th Battalion
    PENGELLY Stanley 21-Sep-1917   KIA
    PENGLASE John Clyde 15-Oct-1923 28 AIF
    PENGLASE Ray 27-May-1945 23 Killed in action Wewak
W18375 Private PENNY HJ 29-Mar-1953 63 Labour Service
WX18756 Private PERCIVAL Frank 10-Aug-1987 69 2/31st Infantry Battalion
7046 Private PERCY Ernest Cecil 18-Jul-1933   11th Battalion
2838 Private PERCY WH (William Henry) 4-Oct-1915   6th Battalion
2220 Sergeant PERRIN Joseph Elswyn 1935   7th Battalion AIF
27305 Private PERRY J (Norman) 18-Apr-1966 34 2nd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment
W31205 Private PETER Thomas G 1-Oct-1949 57 Infantry Battalion
NX99562 WO1 PETERSON FN 1-Jul-1958 60 13 Small Ships Company RAE
220 Sergeant PETTIT James Paul 16-May-1937   11th Battalion
WX1341   PETTIT Leslie Melville 30-Jun-1967 71  
    PHEASE Reginald 30-Apr-1915 19 16th Battalion
442 Sapper PHILIP CR 12-May-1963 74 14th Field Company Engineers
F3420 AB PHILIP CR 10-Feb-1988 67 Royal Australian Naval Reserve
WX38452 Craftsman PHILLIPS F 1-Apr-1974 67 Corps of Elect & Mech Engineers
  Captain PHILLIPS Horace 16-Oct-1940 48 16th Battalion
R56859 PO PHILLIPS OBC 21-Aug-1968 32 Royal Australian Navy
  Captain PHILLP James AB 31-May-1952 77 1st Fld Squadron Engineers
1048 2nd Cpl PHILP Edward Charles 8-Jul-1934   9th Aust BGRO Company
WX36903 Gunner PHIPPARD EG 5-May-1961 39 Royal Australian Artillery
    PICKERING Harry M 14-Sep-1917 38 Killed in action Belgium
  Major PIDGEON J     6th Field Coy Engineers AIF
    PIDGEON John 21-Nov-1920    
W18373 L/Cpl PIKE C 13-Sep-1954 74 Labour Service
3104 Private PILGRIM H 20-Aug-1943 68 11th Battalion
    PILGRIM Robert James 10-Nov-1958 85 51st batt 1st AIF
F4383 Chief ERA PIMM RE (Robert) 5-Jul-1957 61 Royal Australian Naval Reserve
  Corporal PIMM WR (William Rule) 18-Aug-1916 23 France
W56112 Private PINCETIC N (Nika) 16-Nov-1945 31 Labour Service
  Sergeant PINE Robert David MM 21-Oct-1966   11th Battalion AIF
1800 Private PINKERTON AD (Albert David) 7-Oct-1949 65 16th Battalion
942 Driver PINKUS Victor Ernest 29-Jun-1938   44th Battalion
327 Private PIRKIN J 5-Apr-1975 81 44th Battalion
330 Gunner PITTMAN George Harold 15-Mar-1941   36th HAG
    PLATTEN Philip 13-Dec-1945 54  
WX21926 L/Cpl PLINT AH 11-Nov-1965 56 11th Infantry Battalion
WX5184 Driver PLUMRIDGE AS 11-Sep-1960 57 HQ Guard Battalion
960 Private PLUNKETT DC (Daniel Charles) 24-Jul-1956 64 12th Battalion
WX7249   PLUNKETT Maurice 1942   Killed Ruin Ridge
1119 Private PODMORE WG (William George) 6-Jun-1918   3rd LH MGS
  Sergeant POLINELLI Norman Eustace 9-Apr-1917 24 D Coy 12th Battalion
32576 Gunner POLLARD HR 14-Mar-1960 66 10th Field Artillery Brigade
F3123 Ldg Steward PONTON Laurence Robert 21-Jul-1980 67 RAN
1034 Sapper PONTON TWJL 24-Aug-1966 78 SRG Railway Operating Company
F5353 AB POPE AR 16-Feb-2004 77 Royal Australian Naval Reserve
4448 Sapper POPE John 25-Jan-1941   3rd Tunnelling Company
3087 Private PORTEOUS LE (Laurie Edney) 26-Jul-1971 75 52nd Battalion
    PORTER Cuthbert Carleton 31-May-1960   11th Battalion AIF
9842   PORTER George John 6-Oct-1917 24 2nd Field Ambulance
4194 Private PORTER RJ (Robert James) 22-Feb-1955 65 2nd Pioneer Battalion
WX1418 Corporal PORTSMOUTH Benjamin CW 18-Jul-1974   Petrol Coy 6th Div AIF
1233 Private POTTER Edward Frederick 25-Jun-1942   3rd Pioneer Battalion
    POTTER George 10-Dec-1945 63 ANZAC 11th Battalion 1st AIF
WX32657 WO2 POTTER OL 13-Aug-1957 45 28th Infantry Battalion
  Private POTTINGER JG (James George) 21-Sep-1916   AIF Depot
  Lieut POTTS Keith Charles Marley 9-Aug-1956   RAN HMAS Melbourne
  Master Mariner POW Thomas Brodie 14-Jan-1927 82  
5764 L/Cpl POWELL Henry James Joseph 9-Jun-1936   32nd Battalion
  Sergeant POWELL LM 20-Feb-1960 69 11th Battalion 1st AIF
    POWER Arthur George 25-Sep-1917 26  
4320 L/Cpl POWER William H 3-Aug-1948 64 46th Battalion
8174 Bombardier PRATT Alexander 12-Jan-1921   6th Fld Artillery Bde
2273 Private PRATT C 4-May-1948 63 5th Battalion
5181 Sergeant PRENDERGAST George Luke DCM 31-Dec-1931   59th Battalion
WX1137 Private PRENTICE J 14-May-1965 61 2/11th Infantry Battalion
5026 Private PRESTAGE RO (Robert Oldham) 16-Apr-1961 63 3rd Div salvage company
969 Private PRESTON Reuben Francis 7-Oct-1937   44th Battalion
    PRICE William 4-Oct-1917   6/39th Battalion AIF
  Captain PRICE William MBE 22-Jun-1937    
  Sapper PRINCE Edward 10-Apr-1915 18 35th Fortress Coy
    PRINT Harvey Edward 3-Apr-1925   5th Pioneers AIF WWI
    PRIOR Alfred 12-Apr-1975 89  
7611 Private PRITCHETT EJ 26-Dec-1931 44 North Staffordshire Regiment
81892 LAC PROSSER James 17-Jul-1993 67 86th Squadron RAAF
WX3904 Sergeant PROSSER TA (Thomas Arthur) 12-Dec-1956 56 2/16th Infantry Battalion
W5786 L/Cpl PROSSER WJ 24-Sep-1968 73 Royal Australian Engineers
2188 Private PUNCH JF 12-Feb-1925   11th Battalion
8028 Private PURCELL GB (George Burdak) 6-Aug-1956 57 51st Battalion
2728 Private PURVIS Harold 2-Aug-1923   48th Battalion
5183 Private PYBURN GL (George Lee) 3-Jan-1921   11th Battalion
    PYMAN Norman James 28-Oct-1919 28 Royal Australian Navy
3036 Private QUEEN J 24-Jun-1956 63 48th Battalion
2885 Private QUILL TJ (Thomas Joseph) 22-Nov-1943 51 39th Battalion
    QUIN Edgar Andrew 19-Dec-1972 77 51st Battalion 1st AIF





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