Service No Rank Name DoD Age Service
1768 Private SAGER James (Served as D O'BRIEN) 26-Jun-1917   2nd Pioneer Battalion
WX3454 Major SAGGERS AE ED 28-Dec-1966 67 2/4th Machine Gun Battalion
W60403 Craftsman SALES SWJ (Samuel Walter James) 16-Feb-1983 68 Corps of Elect & Mech Engineers
WX6933 Corporal SALMON AMC 16-Sep-1991 79 2/28th Infantry Battalion
(2500) (Private) SANDEMAN James Albert (Abby) 24-Apr-1918   (AIF)
1151 Sapper SANDERCOTT William 9-Jun-1931   3rd Tunnelling Company
6581 Private SANDERSON F 3-Jun-1953 61 11th Battalion
    SANDISON William H 30-Jan-1940 61 TSS Katoomba
  F/Sgt SANDWELL David W 9-May-1944 31 RAAF
19752 Sapper SAUNDERS JR (John Rennie) 22-May-1948 84 14th Field Company Engineers
  Dr SAVAGE Dr     RN
3215 Private SAYERS AH 15-Dec-1918   Rail Op Coy
WX15411 S Sgt SCALE ST 4-Jul-1958 57 Army Ordnance Corps
1123 Private SCANLON James Alexander 27-Aug-1936   28th Battalion
2221 Private SCARLETT JC 26-Feb-1957 71 11th Battalion
    SCHACHT Henry George     ANZAC
3457 Private SCHMIDT HG 30-Nov-1952 76 51st Battalion
WX33821 L/Cpl SCHURMANN KO 26-Nov-1948 33 Army Catering Corps
    SCOTT Alexander 24-Apr-1956   WWI
    SCOTT Archibald     WWII
  Gunner SCOTT F 24-Sep-1917 32 KIA
  Private SCOTT George E 1-Jul-1916 28  
    SCOTT Gilbert     44th Battalion AIF 1914 - 18
2207 Private SCOTT J 4-Dec-1948 72 11th Battalion
WX2416 Private SCOTT J 15-Nov-1959 55 2/1st Guard Regiment
458 Sergeant SCOTT James Alexander 14-Nov-1935   22nd Battalion
  Sister SCOTT Jane (nurse McKIMMIE)     Great War
2517 L/Cpl SCOTT John Henry 9-Sep-1927   44th Battalion
480A Private SCOTT JW 12-Sep-1946 62 1st Machine Gun Battalion
12316 Gunner SCOTT Thomas William 28-Feb-1941   1st A Div TM Bde
3951 Driver SCOTT Walter Francis 17-Jul-1927 47 15th Light Horse
3851 Private SCOTT WS 25-Sep-1954   4th Pioneer Battalion
QX15083 Sapper SCRIVEN LG 28-Mar-1953 49 1st Field Squadron Royal Australian Engineers
5776 Private SEARLE Alfred 4-Sep-1930 46 44th Battalion AIF
3929 Private SEARLE Charles Spencer 1-Feb-1942   51st Battalion
  Private SEBO Albert E (Albert Edward George) 7-Aug-1916    
4887 Private SEBO Charles Edward 28-Apr-1940   11th Battalion
24440 Driver SEDDONS Benjamin 8-Sep-1939   3rd Div Ammunition Column
2865 Private SEELIGSON Camillo Cyrus 23-Jun-1932   48th Battalion
    SELF Arthur     Pozieres
    SELLARS Arthur John (Dick) 30-Oct-1924 33 AIF
    SELLARS Clive 1917 24  
WX8791 Corporal SELLS DJ (David John) 3-Apr-1949 41 2/4th Machine Gun Battalion
  Lieut SENIOR Arthur William 28-Feb-1936   39th Battalion
    SENIOR Frank     KIA France
964 Corporal SEXTON C (Charles) 21-Jun-1946 75 Army Veterinary Corps
3233 Sergeant SEXTON William Robert 4-Apr-1930   11th Battalion
2076 Private SHACKLETON Ernest 11-Jun-1928   16th Battalion
3234   SHACKLETON EW 5-May-1959 64 10th Light Horse
17262 Sergeant SHAKESPEARE WE 7-Jan-1980 74 Royal Australian Air Force
VP261 Major SHALLESS EJ 1-Aug-1950 69 Australian Instructional Corps
2407 Private SHANKS PV 3-Jul-1930   44th Battalion
    SHARKEY (RJ) Bruce 12-Jul-1942    
3954 Private SHARMAN WA 14-Apr-1945 66 11th Battalion
  QM SHARP Richard 14-Mar-1922 46 SS Port Sydney
WX1875   SHARP Stan 1990    
    SHARP Stanley 11-Aug-1918 30 Killed in action France
4000 Private SHARP TF 1-Dec-1945 57 48th Battalion
W243084 Lieut SHAW ER (Ernest Robert) 10-Jun-1945 57 Army Provost Corps
  LT Col (RL) SHAW GD MC MID 16-Aug-1984 90 28th Battalion 2nd Pioneer Battalion
WX3604 Private SHAW J 25-Dec-1952 48 HQ Guard Battalion
865 Corporal SHAW JE (John Edward) 22-May-1956 69 4th Machine Gun Battalion
6481 Sapper SHEA Patrick John 2-Jul-1931   4th Field Company Engineers
W237354 Corporal SHELDRAKE WG 28-Oct-1960 67 Army Pay Corps & 28th Battalion
W2192 Captain SHENTON Clive M 3-Jun-1947 55 Infantry Battalion
    SHENTON Peter Lorrie 29-Aug-1942 22 AIF
15054 Gunner SHEPHARD WG (Walter George) 14-Aug-1918   13th AFA
    SHEPHERD Archibald 4-Jul-1956 67 44th Battalion 1st AIF
  Sergeant SHEPPARD Joseph H 9-Mar-1943   RAAF
  F/Sgt SHERWOOD Raymond Collard 15-Mar-1944 21 RAAF
  Major SHERWOOD Thomas VD 30-Jul-1914 76  
46577 F/O SHIELDS RJ 15-Nov-1958 49 Royal Australian Air Force
    SHIPWAY Ray 5-Nov-1967   1st & 2nd AIF
1408 Private SHIRLEY R (Randolph) 23-May-1950 64 11th Battalion
  Lieut SHORROCK James DSO 26-Nov-1919 31 28th Battalion
4607 Private SHORTLAND William 18-Jan-1940   51st Battalion
  Captain SHUTE RE 1-Sep-1932 43 2/128th Pioneers Ind Army
  Signalman SIBLY Eric Raymont 23-Feb-1919 19 RANB
    SILCHINGER Charles Louis 3-Oct-1941 20  
2977 L/Cpl SILSBURY FA 16-Feb-1944 58 5th Pioneer Battalion
  Corporal SILVERCOCK William Orestes 8-Jan-1951 85 1st AIF
    SILVERWOOD Fred 7-Aug-1916 20 France
1635 Corporal SILVESTER RS 26-Jun-1932 60 28th Battalion
    SIMES John Clarence 18-Mar-1920 20 3rd Pioneer Battalion
    SIMMONS Horace R 18-Oct-1917 24 10th Light Horse
3156 Sapper SIMMONS J 17-Jun-1960 78 1st Mining Corps
    SIMPSON George 18-Oct-1946 22 RAN
3206 Private SIMPSON HW 25-May-1961 68 46th Battalion
    SIMS Francis Granville 8-Mar-1949 59 11th Battalion AIF
    SIMS Frank 30-Nov-1943 76 11th Battalion AIF
    SIMS Frederick G 23-May-1964   44th Battery 1st AIF
SX500653 Private SIMS Harry Child 28-Nov-1965 41 Headquarters
1779 Private SINCLAIR Albert Ernest 17-Nov-1934   16th Battalion
7297 Private SINCLAIR Frederick William 21-Aug-1929    
102 Private SINCLAIR Henry Lyall 26-Mar-1930   11th Battalion
WX7977 Private SINCLAIR JC 16-Jun-1957 49 2/28th Infantry Battalion
27827 Bombardier SINCLAIR John Alexander 16-Oct-1934   35th Battery 10th FA Brigade
3043 Sergeant SINCLAIR John Aubrey J 15-Nov-1938   1st FA Brigade
13188 Private SINCLAIR Neil James 6-Mar-1939   3rd Field Ambulance
W51179 Gunner SINCLAIR T 8-Jun-1957 59 Royal Australian Artillery
5431 Private SKEGGS TJ (Thomas Jesse) 24-Aug-1956 61 3rd Field Bakery
146 Private SKIDMORE H 14-Mar-1948 54 3rd Divisional Signal Company
    SKINNER Jim 12-Oct-1917 25 44th Battalion
    SKINNER John 19-Oct-1920 42 Died of war wounds
W96839 Sergeant SKIPPER CH 25-Nov-1968 70 Army Service Corps
914 Driver SKUSE Frank 22-Jul-1935   10th AAS Corps
2731 Private SLADDEN ER 12-Apr-1957 60 51st Battalion
4231 Private SLAWSON George 14-Dec-1925   28th Battalion
  Private SLOAN IR 16-Sep-1955 19 C COY 4th Battalion RAR
821 Private SLOAN Leonard Thomas 22-Nov-1959   44th Battalion AIF
WX18442 Private SLOCOMBE JC (John Charles) 26-May-1996 80 2nd Inf Brigade
298 Private SLY Arthur 12-Apr-1917   16th Battalion
    SMART Charles      
  Captain SMART Leslie (Joff) 8-Mar-1944 28 AASC AIF
    SMEED LA 6-Jul-1916   WWI
W93680 Private SMIRK PA 2-Apr-1965 62 26th Works Company
1052 Driver SMITH AE 24-Jun-1961 64 5th Divisional signal Company
    SMITH AF (Tony) 5-Aug-1960 21 ISA SAS Coy
WX6441 Private SMITH AJ 25-Nov-1958 42 2/4th MG Battalion
    SMITH Alfred Ernest 6-Oct-1935 42 AIF
WX4472   SMITH Alick Harold     2/28th Battalion AIF
P098224 OEM 1 SMITH Angus Fraser 21-Nov-1970 20 HMS Forth
686 Gunner SMITH Archibald James 12-Sep-1925 48 43rd Battery 11th FAB
651 Corporal SMITH CH 22-Jan-1954 71 15th Light Railway Coy
2714 Sapper SMITH Charles Robert 13-Nov-1928   ALROC
12315 Gunner SMITH CJ MM 30-May-1948 66 2nd Field Artillery Brigade
5621 Sapper SMITH D (David) 1-Sep-1947 69 1st Tunnelling Company
1663 Trooper SMITH EH 3-May-1962 71 10th Light Horse Regiment
    SMITH EH (Ernest Henry) 30-Mar-1939 36 1914-18 war
    SMITH Eric     44th Battalion AIF
    SMITH Frederick J 23-Oct-1943 41  
433 Sapper SMITH George Charles 31-Mar-1934   1st Tunnelling Company
  2nd Lieut SMITH George Holt Henderson 26-May-1915 20 11th Battalion AIF
6403 Private SMITH GJ (George James) 1-Jul-1944 69 28th Battalion
    SMITH Greg 27-Nov-1968 19 RAAF
    SMITH Hugh H 26-Jan-1926 28 11th Battalion
W242846 Sergeant SMITH JA MM (James Augustus) 26-May-1948 64 Infantry Battalion
    SMITH John 26-Jul-1953 63 28th First AIF
3650 Sapper SMITH JP (Joseph Phillips) 3-Dec-1948 54 1st Lt Railway operating
3268 Private SMITH JT (John Thomas) 19-Feb-1919   28th Battalion
3281 Private SMITH Percy William     46th Battalion
5440 Private SMITH Richard Donald 19-Nov-1934   16th Battalion
894 Trooper SMITH Robert Alexander 2-Sep-1936   10th Light Horse
4702 Corporal SMITH Thomas Wallace 28-Aug-1934   48th Battalion
3113 Private SMITH WR (Walter Robert) 2-Aug-1955 84 3rd Pioneer Battalion
1912A Private SMITH WW 14-Jun-1954 68 1st Divisional Train & 44th Battalion
1237 L/Cpl SMITHERAM Joseph Thomas 13-Mar-1928   3rd Tunnelling Company
    SNADEN John H 8-Jan-1971   AIF
1888 Gunner SNAITH James Jess 27-Aug-1933   8th Battery 3rd AFA Brigade
6285 Driver SNOW CA (Charles Albert) 15-Jul-1968 74 Army Service Corps
  Driver SOUNNESS Frank 3-Aug-1916    
W16910 Sergeant SOUTAR WH (William Henry) 24-Jan-1962 66 Army Ordnance Corps
    SOWDEN Ronald JA 3-Nov-1917 19 9th Battalion AIF
1158 Sapper SPALDING George Henry A 13-Mar-1935   3rd Tunnelling Company
  S Sgt SPARROW Archibald T 4-Nov-1950 59 RAE
5085 Private SPEAK Herbert Edward 13-Sep-1936   28th Battalion
2626 Private SPEAKMAN NH (Norman Henry) 17-Mar-1920   43rd Battalion
    SPEED Bill 1-Dec-1942 26 Killed in New Guinea
    SPENCE Allan 22-Aug-1940 59 3rd Tunnellers
3400 Sergeant SPENCE JA DCM MM 20-Nov-1962 69 52nd Battalion
W47424 Gunner SPENCE Trevor (John Trevor) 1-May-1942 18  
    SPENCER Charles Henry 16-Oct-1954 60  
2226 Private SPENCER E 8-Jun-1963 80 28th Battalion
(2737) (Private) SPENCER Ernest Arthur 2-Apr-1920 39  
657 Private SPENCER J 18-Jan-1948 65 44th Battalion
W36719 Corporal SPENCER J 13-Aug-1951 66 Army Catering Corps
1024 Private SPENCER WW 25-Sep-1954 71 3rd Machine Gun Company
WX37570 Driver SPOOR Walter 19-Feb-1970 50 137th General Transport Company
WX17298 Corporal SPROXTON Ronald George     WWII
2419 Private SQUIBB FT (Frank Thomas) 3-Oct-1948 62 44th Battalion
WX13083 Private STACEY WH (William Henry) 2-Sep-1952 50 Corps of Elect & Mech Engineers
F/V79 L/S STAHL HO 14-Sep-1971 75 Royal Australian Naval Volunteer Reserve
N5911 Sister STAIR Gweneth G (nee THRELKELD) 15-Apr-1995 82 Royal Australian Air Force
1808 Private STANLEY HJ (Henery James) 31-Jul-1916   10th Battalion
86633 Aircraftsman STEEL Colin Frederick 1-Jul-1949 20 RAAF
3871 L/Cpl STEEL J (John) 25-May-1918   29th Battalion
W38237 Sergeant
STEEL JG MC 3-Jul-1951 54 Army Ordnance Corps
Indian Army 1914 - 1918 War
415694 WO STEELE FL 22-Sep-1964 52 Royal Australian Air Force
    STEELE Peter 4-Apr-1922 48 28th Battalion AIF
WX1925 Sapper STEER J 17-Jan-1970 63 2/13th Field Company RAE
1998 Sapper STEPHENS JR 28-Jul-1924   3rd Field Co Engineers
WX8668 Gunner STEPNELL JW 11-Oct-1965 61 Royal Australian Artillery
2936 Private STEVENS HJ 9-Jul-1949 72 5th Pioneer Battalion
    STEVENS James 11-May-1957 65 11th Battalion AIF
4298 Private STEVENS Walter Henry 22-Jan-1935   11th Battalion
WX9676   STEVENSON Keith Buchanan 7-Dec-1986   2/7th Field Ambulance 2/16th Infantry Battalion
3006 Private STEVENSON Walter R 4-Aug-1959 75 11th Battalion
1535 Gunner STEWART AJ 30-Jul-1978 80 36th Heavy Arty Group
WX2747 Sergeant STEWART Burns Robert 6-Sep-1994 83 2/16th Infantry Battalion
    STEWART Charles 29-Jul-1916 22 KIA
    STEWART DW     1st AIF
2629 Private STEWART Edward Vivian 13-Jan-1932   43rd Battalion
W32181 Private STEWART JF 27-Aug-1967 62 Army Service Corps
    STEWART John 9-Jan-1903 26 Lost at sea
WX7324 L/Cpl STEWART RH 14-Apr-1994 81 2/4th MG Battalion
  Colonel STICKLAND John C 13-Dec-1933 77  
2410 S/Smith STITT Samuel George 17-Dec-1930   10th Light Horse Regiment
20872 S Sgt STIVEY ST (Samuel Tremayne) 21-Mar-1943 62 Aust Army Medical Corps
    STONE Charles W 2-May-1951 57 32nd Battalion 1st AIF
  Lieut Gov STONE Edward Albert KCMC 2-Apr-1920 76  
    STONE Ernest CA     AIF Tobruk
31677 Gunner STONE M StJ H 19-Aug-1942   6th Field Artillery Brigade
    STOREY George Richard 30-Sep-1917 22  
2489 Private STOREY Jack Latham 23-Nov-1940   51st Battalion
  Private STRAUGHAIR George 3-Sep-1916 23 KIA
  Private STRAUGHAIR Robert 21-Oct-1918 23  
5193 Private STROUD CE (Charles Edgar) 11-May-1924   2nd Pioneers
    STROUD William J 24-Dec-1975   Army Borneo
38768 Sergeant STRUDWICK KA 11-Jun-1957 45 Royal Australian Air Force
521578 Colonel STUART C MC 28-Oct-2003 86 Royal Australian Army Medical Corps
6336 Private STURROCK AGH 30-May-1955 64 16th Battalion
    STURROCK David 3-Jul-1948 55 Royal Highlanders
1338 Private SULLIVAN D (Daniel) 28-May-1956 71 2nd Battalion
2490 Private SULLIVAN J (John) 5-Jun-1917   51st Battalion
    SUMNER Cyril 1-Aug-1916 18 Killed in action France
WX9134 Private SUMNER J 24-Dec-1973 73 2/4th MG Battalion
W34707 Sergeant SURBER EC (Ernest Charles) 22-Nov-1948 68 Survey Corps
6100 Private SUTHERLAND ET 27-Jul-1952 64 3rd Pioneer Battalion
  Private SUTTON HH (Harry Hudson) 17-Jun-1916   Army Medical Corps
94702 Aircraftwoman SUTTON LJD 7-Oct-1949 39 Women's Auxiliary Australian Air Force
975 L/Sgt SWAIN John Edgar Hill 19-Oct-1935   12th Battalion
24792 Master-at-arms SWALLOW VGE (Valentine George Edward) BEM 20-Jan-1949 62 Royal Australian Navy
326 Private SWANN HA (Harry Alfred) 13-Nov-1916   41st Battalion
WX17907 Private SWANN WT (William Thomas) 17-Aug-1971 51 2/4th Machine Gun Battalion
  L/Cpl SWANSEN Alfred Donald 2-Dec-1970 73 HQWA RAAF
A5110 Sergeant SWANSEN Donald Bailey 19-Nov-1983   Royal Australian Air Force
WX17388 Sapper SWANSEN WAJ (William Agustine John) 10-Aug-1946 24 2nd 4th Royal Australian Engineers
WX39 Major SWEENY CH 11-May-1968 74 2/11th Infantry Battalion (RSM 44th Battalion 1st AIF)
WX40995 Private SWEET AJ 30-Apr-1991 81 16th Inf Battalion
1060 Gunner SWEETMAN FH 27-Apr-1922   54th Battery
  Private SYMONDS Joseph Henry 24-May-1915 23 AMC
7534 Private SYMONDS WJ 11-Sep-1957 79 51st Battalion



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