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A guide to cemeteries in Perth & environs.

- Canning Cemetery see Kenwick Pioneer Cemetery

CLARENCE (City of Cockburn)
- Clarence Burial Ground
Location: South of Fremantle (near Woodman Point)
Status: defunct.
- Memorial erected John Graham Reserve Clarence Township Memorial, Joh Graham Reserve
26 members of the Clarence settlement died in 1830 and were re-interred in Fremantle during September and October 1831.

- East Perth Cemeteries
Location: Wittenoom Street, East Perth
Status: closed 1899
Visitors: Sunday 2pm - 4pm
Contact: National Trust
Further research: East Perth Cemeteries http://members.iinet.net.au/~perthdps/graves/intro.htm

- East Rockingham Cemetery
(Aka: Rockingham Cemetery)
Location: (Old) Mandurah Road, South of Wellard Road, Baldivis
Status: Open
Contact: Rockingham City Council
1st recorded internment:

Died 13-10-1867
Aged 72 yrs
Arrived Clarence WA
Per Hooghly 13-2-1830
Friends of East Rockingham Cemetery

11 Commonwealth War Graves line the front row.
Further details see list of deaths,
Cremations & Burials Woodman Point Quarantine Station.
Headstone photos available

12 Dec 1918
Harry Maxwell GEORGE
14 Dec 1918
Marcus John GREEN
13 Dec 1918
Michael Joseph HAGGERTY
13 Dec 1918
Howard Spencer KNOTT
13 Dec 1918
12 Dec 1918
4 Dec 1918
Clifford Vivian MORRISON
15 Dec 1918
Albert Henry SAYERS
15 Dec 1918
12 Dec 1918
James Henry WILLIAMS
14 Dec 1918

- Alma St Cemetery (Church of England Cemetery)
Location: Bounded by Alma, Brennan & Stephen Streets.
Status: closed

The burial ground was consecrated in 1831 although proclamation was not until 27th August 1847. The first recorded burial was on the 3rd April 1831 for John Livesay a boatswain who died of Scurvy aged 32. The oldest surviving headstone was of Ann Morrell who died on the 8th Oct 1832, now re-interred at Fremantle Cemetery. The cemetery was closed on 18 December 1895 and was transformed into a park. In 1961 the land became the home of the South Terrace School, which is now known as the Fremantle Primary School. In December 2001 a heritage garden was established and seven headstones were returned to the site.

Name Died Age  
Phineas FISH 16 Mar 1856 37
Mary HENDERSON 27 Dec 1855 29
George HODGES 25 5 1854 42
William George HODGES 11 Aug 1872 22
John HOGAN 15 Jul 1857 8
Catherine NELSON 31 Oct 1856 6yrs 10mths
Alice WRAY 13 Oct 1851 15mths
Henry WRAY 26 Dec 1855 9mths

- Fremantle Cemetery
Location: Carrington Street Palmyra
Status: Opened 1899, Crematorium opened 1959
Contact: Metropolitan Cemetery Board

- Skinner St Cemetery Skinner Street Cemetery, Fremantle
Location: Bounded by Skinner, Park, East and Vale Streets.
Status: closed

Dedicated in 1852 and closed on the 1st November 1899. The Roman Catholic section was also known as St Patrick’s Cemetery. The oldest surviving headstone is that of Lieut. Edward Colvin Oakes who died on the 5th Oct 1852. Replaced Alma Street cemetery and catered for other denominations. Between 1931 and 1935 family members removed headstones and railings to the new cemetery in Carrington Street. In December 1935 the Fremantle Council removed a number of headstones to the new cemetery. A few were re-interred at the new cemetery. Many of these headstones line the heritage walk trail at Fremantle Cemetery. During World War II the land was used for temporary accommodation for troops. In 1956 the John Curtin High School was built and the land is now used for recreational purposes

 Skinner St Cemetery Convict Built Limestone Wall (Vale Street)
 Skinner St Cemetery Memorial Gateway
 Skinner St Cemetery Commemorative Plaque (Top)
 Skinner St Cemetery Commemorative Plaque (Bottom)

- Guildford Cemetery
Location: Kalamunda Road, South Guildford
Status: open
Contact: Metropolitan Cemetery Board

- All Saints Church All Saints Church, Henly Brook Cemetery at All Saints Church, Henly Brook
Location: Henry St. Henley Brook (Swan Valley)
Historic site
Headstone photos available

- Karrakatta Cemetery
Location: Railway Road, Karrakatta (see also Perth War Cemetery)
Status: open
Contact: Metropolitan Cemetery Board, online index available
The first burial was Robert Creighton on the 24 April 1899. The first cremation service was held on the 30 November 1937 and the crematorium was officially opened on the 5 December 1937.

- Perth War Cemetery
Location: Smyth Rd. Karrakatta
Commonwealth War Graves
The cemetery was established in 1942 for those soldiers who died at the nearby Hollywood Hospital. In 1958 a number of WW1 casualties were relocated to the military cemetery.

- Dutch War Cemetery & Garden of Remembrance
Contact: Office of Australian War Graves

- St Mary's in the Valley (Anglican Church and burial ground) St Mary's in the Valley Cemetery
Location: River Road, Kelmscott
Status: closed

- New Cemetery (John Dunn Memorial Park)
Location: Third Ave, Kelmscott
Status: closed

- Kenwick Pioneer Cemetery Kenwick Cemetery Memorial Kenwick Cemetery View
(Aka: Canning Cemetery)
Location: Albany Hwy, North of McIntyre Way, Kenwick (City of Gosnells)
Status: closed 27 July 2001
Contact: City of Gosnells
Headstone photos available

A memorial erected to the McIntosh family who were buried at Kenwick cemetery has been erected at Mason's Landing Cannington.
Earliest surviving headstones date from 1860, a fire at the Roads Board in 1928 destroyed burial records.
Further research: Historic Sites in the City of Gosnells; Kenwick Pioneer Cemetery by Margaret Lefevre.

- St Mary's Anglican Church
Location: Yule Ave, Middle Swan

- Midland Cemetery
Location: Blanchard Road, Swan View
Status: Open
Contact: Metropolitan Cemetery Board

MUNDARING Mundaring Cemetery
- Mundaring Cemetery
Location: Yarri Grove, near Great Eastern Hwy, Mundaring
Status: Open
Contact: Shire of Mundaring
Headstone photos available

- Perth War Cemetery see Karrakatta and East Perth

Location: Off Whitfords Ave, Padbury
Status: Open
Contact: Metropolitan Cemetery Board

see East Rockingham Cemetery

- Rockingham Regional Memorial Park
Location: Millar Road, Baldivis
Status: Due to open in 2007
Contact: Metropolitan Cemetery Board

- Subiaco General Cemetery
(Aka: Jolimont Cemetery)
Location: South of Hay Street and East of Jersey Street, bounded by the Railway line. Reserve 2852
Status: Closed March 1897, remains exhumed and re-interred at Karrakatta Cemetery in 1906
After the construction of a tent hospital at Subiaco in April 1893 an area was set aside for burials. The hospital treated patients with highly contagious infectious diseases including smallpox and typhoid fever. Two small burial areas were identified and proclaimed.
Reserve 6845: corner of Hay & Jersey Streets. Today the park is known as Dom Serra Grove.
Reserve A4566: South east of Hay Street and west of the Railway reserve. Gazetted an A class reserve on the 8 October 1897 and closed by an Act of Parliament on the 15 September 1925.

- Dom Serra Grove (Memorial Plaque) Dom Serra Grove (Subiaco General Cemetery)
The olive grove which surrounds this plaque commemorates the 1500th Anniversary of the birth of Saint Benedict anno Domini 480 and acknowledges that the City of Subiaco Western Australia derived its name from the monastery established in the neighbourhood in the year 1851 by the Most Reverend Joseph Serra OSB.

- Woodman Point Quarantine Station Cemeteries
Location: O'Kane Court, Munster (City of Cockburn)
Status: closed
A portion of Woodman Point was set aside as a burial ground for patients who died as a result of infectious diseases. The first burial was held on 21 April 1893 for William Miller a victim of smallpox. Two separate burial areas have been identified, including three lonely graves one of which is a Commonwealth War Grave
Headstone photos are available of the Commonwealth War graves which are now located at other cemeteries.

Further research:
'The Hidden Community: Woodman Point Quarantine Station' (2005)
by Gail Dodd, APHA, MICOMOS

Register of Deaths, Burials & Cremations at Woodman Point Quarantine Station

- Wooroloo Cemetery
Location: Off Linley Valley Road, Wooroloo
Status: Open

Further research:
Headstone inscriptions for most Western Australian Cemeteries have been transcribed and are available on a series of microfiche.
For more information regarding defunct and closed cemeteries consult the publications written by Yvonne & Kevin Coate:
                         Lonely Graves of Western Australia,
                         More Lonely Graves of Western Australia,
                         Western Australian Burial Location Index

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