Edwin BAILEY (1855 - 1947)

        AKA: Ted 
       Born: 16 Jan 1855 - Brighton, Tasmania, Australia
       Died:  9 May 1947 - St Marys, Tasmania, Australia

 Father: Thomas Arthur BAILEY (1826 - 1920)
     Mother: Mary Ann BARBER (1829 - 1872)

       Wife: Augusta Lucy NICHOLSON (1858 - 1949) 
    Married: 14 Feb 1878 - Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
   Children: 10
Ewin BAILEY, Lucy Augusta BAILEY


Edwin BAILEY - The Gardens
In 1878 Edwin and Lucy were living at Goulds Country where Edwin was making a living as a miner, it was here their first child Alice was born. By 1886 the family had settled in the area known as The Gardens, which is located on the coast north of St Helens, south of the Bay of Fires and north of Big Lagoon. The area was surrounded by salt water lagoons, plentiful with fish and wild game. The family first settled in a shepherd's hut before leasing the Gardens property from Bill Steele and eventually purchased the farm. Edwin stocked the property with sheep and planted a cherry orchard. Edwin's son Dave later took over the property. Descendants still reside in St Helens today.


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