This is an outline of the descendants of William Atkinson, fisherman of Greenwich, Kent, England. Several of his descendants became mariners, Thames watermen and licensed Trinity House pilots.
Associated surnames include Bull, Chapman, Davis, Debbit, Driver, Francis, Gwillym, Jones, Pashley, Savage & Stacey. The chart below shows the direct line to Richard Francis Atkinson the start of the Australian branch of the tree.

Related Families

Richard Atkinson & Elizabeth Gwillym Part 1 Part 2

Australian Branch
The Australian branch of the family descends from Richard Francis Atkinson born 1821 Rotherhithe Surrey, England. The date of Richard’s arrival in Australia still remains a mystery. He married Elizabeth Williams in Sydney in 1847 and by 1854 they were living in Melbourne Victoria. About 1860 they made Launceston, Tasmania their home.
Associated surnames include Adams, Ashton, Benton, Cartledge, Cox, Emery, Gaitskell, Moy, Phair, Powell, Smythe & Williams.

Atkinson drop-line chart

William ATKINSON & Hester
William ATKINSON  (1693-) & Mary DEBBIT (1700-)
William ATKINSON (1721-1760) & Sarah JONES
Richard ATKINSON (1754-1817) & Elizabeth PASHLEY (1752-)
Richard ATKINSON (1796-1856) & Elizabeth GWILLYM (1787-1837)
Richard Francis ATKINSON (1821-1889) & Elizabeth WILLIAMS (1823-1873)
Richard Francis ATKINSON (1863-1943) & Amelia Hannah EMERY (1868-1939)


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